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Desk - Principal

Dear Staff, Students, Parents, and Well Wishers,

Greeting from Dr. A.L. Anthony Sebastian, Principal, Christ Arts and Science College, Kilachery.

“We all have inconveniences of

One kind or another

How we deal with them ultimately determines

How successful we are….”

History has proven that,

Human beings stand up successfully and march forward only when they are struck with hurdles and inconveniences. The growth of the universe intellectually, physically, economically, scientifically, and politically got determined only at its worst. The value of life and life- values get strengthened only at its weakness.

It’s our chance, and it’s in our time, as humankind, along with the nature need to fight against the evil intentions, selfish, spirituality, corporate conspiracies and pseudo secularism. By dragging to our Mother Nature, innocent relationships, questioning quotient, ethical equality and holistic development, I think we need to bulldoze the evil conspiracies and corrupted conscience.

It’s a big task but an inevitable one. We all need to shoulder this task together positively and create another history to pass it on to our future generation as livable values to look up and practice.

I would like to mention about three of our students who have shown that how inconveniences lead them to success.

  1. a) Divya Lourdes, a visually challenged student, who can’t use the method of open book exam (in another words copying), has studied all her subjects during this pandemic time, and written her exams with the help of a scribe and scored 96% in the semester exam.
  2. b) SivaSakthi from an ordinary family and from our college who had been selected last year for “Bangalore FC” Football junior team, this year has been included in Bangalore FC Main Squad with Mr.Sunnil Chhetri (Indian captain).
  3. c) For the third consecutive years, our college is getting University FIRST RANK.  This year S.Philomena made our college proud by obtaining University FIRST RANK, in the department of MSW.

These students are few among many as torch bearers, along with them, we too can join to light the world to glow amidst darkness.