Sports plays an important role in educating students as it teaches them to become strong from inside and also develop a fit and sound body. Combining sports in education can help students to develop a self-motivating spirit to do things on their own and having ownership of these. Being actively involved in sports can help students relax from their daily routine of learning course syllabus and lessen the exam stress as well. It is a great medium to keep the mind, body and soul in sync and maintain a balance between work and play. Day to day practice in sports can help students imbibe leadership skills. Qualities like tolerance, patience and tips to handle pressure is well taught by sports. It also teaches the value of team spirit and proficiency to share victory and defeat.


Sports education has direct impact on maintaining the student’s health and increasing their physical stamina. One of the most important thing that is required in sports is the discipline, which has been derived from the word disciple – follower of a learned teacher. Having coaching in sports helps develop obedience, self-confidence and the ability to determine winning or losing with extreme will power.

Educating students in sports increases the power of reasoning and develops mental growth through constant focus on the current set of activities. Teachers should constantly motivate and appreciate students for their efforts.

Note that a good academic background is an important aspect towards pursuing a career in sports as the education qualification will serve as a supporting pillar in the long run. In sports there can be hits and misses but a good educational backup will help maintain a good lifestyle beside continuing sports. Students should give equal importance to both education and sports and maintain a proper balance to excel in both the areas.

Christ College gives importance for Sports and Games in the annual academic program. We do realize that the sports enhances the students in life skills, sense of empowerment, self-esteem, social interaction, besides helping them deal with failures and tough situations.

Inter-Departmental sports competitions are conducted every year for all the Departments of Under Graduation to identify, admire, appreciate and promote the sportive spirit of talented youngsters. This year the competitions started on 6’¹ August 2018 with the inauguration and continued till the sports day on 11th August 2018. A formal committee was formed under the guidance of Mr. Sebastian Fredrick, the sports coordinator and the members of the committee were Mrs. Kotteeswari, Fr. Arulmani, Fr. John Maria Joseph, Fr. Thanga Kumar, Fr. Pradeep, Fr. James Michael Raj, Mr. Peetirajan, Mr. Sridhar, Mr. Baladhandayudham, Mr. Samraj, Mr. Leo Clement and Mrs. Sridevi.

The college celebrated its 10th Annual Sports Meet - 2018 on Saturday 11th of August, 2018. Mr. Charles Xavier, Director, FSH Automation & Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Chennai was the chief guest of the event.

The ground looked rich in sight with all the Departments in spectacular colour jerseys and for the first time in the history of Christ College, the Departments of B.Sc. Mathematics and English entered in the competition independently. Everyone witnessed colorful March-Past by all six Departments, B.Sc. Computer Science in Blue, BCA in Red, BBA in Yellow, B.Com. in Green, B. Sc. Mathematics in Grey and English in Violet jerseys and saluted the guests.