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The College follows the same Semester system of the University of Madras.

1. Each semester has two periodical tests, two assignments, seminar, model exam and attendance as part of the internal assessment (25 marks – Theory Paper).

2. Semester end University Exam (75 marks – Theory Paper).

3. University Practical Exam is conducted at the end of each semester (100 marks).

4. 85% of attendance is compulsory to appear for University Exam.

5. All the eligible students who appear for the examination for the first time in any semester should pay the examination fee in full for all the subjects whether the candidate writes the examination or not.

6. Students reported of malpractice in examinations will be severely dealt with and even dismissed.

7. No student who is admitted to college is automatically eligible for the university examination. At his discretion the principal, may direct any student to withdraw from the examination, either due to student’s repeated poor performance in studies, or irregular attendance, or indulging in any unwanted activities.

8. Minimum pass mark 

Theory :  Internal Assessment – 10 Marks (out of 25) 

                 Semester-end Exam – 30 Marks (out of 75) 

Practical : Internal Assessment -10 Marks (out of 40)     

               :  Semester-end Practical  – 25 Marks (out of 60) 


1. Every student must pay the total fee for the semester before the commencement of the semester.

2. The fee once paid cannot be refunded.

3. Any student who wishes to discontinue for any reason, will have to pay the Full Course Fee in order to obtain Transfer Certificate.


1. A student who has been convicted of any offence in a criminal court will not be allowed to continue his / her studies in the college.

2. Students should abstain from active participation in party or communal politics.

3. Students who indulge in political propaganda or who organize fellow-students into political factions in the premises of the college or who otherwise engage themselves in party politics are liable to be expelled from the college.

4. Students should not indulge in any activity that leads to the disruption of peace, discipline and normal work in the college. Students found in violation of this rule, will be severely dealt with

5. Ragging is strictly forbidden. Anyone who involves in ragging will be severely dealt with.

6. Students who are guilty of:

a) Rude language towards the staff of the college, or

b) Assault or attempt to assault the staff or fellow students of the college is liable to be expelled from the institution.

7. Disobedient students will be referred to the college Discipline Committee for further action.

8. Students are discouraged from loitering in the campus after 03.00p.m.

9. Students under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicants will not be permitted to enter the college.

10. If a staff member by speech or otherwise seeks to mislead his/her students in activities deemed objectionable, he/she is liable to be punished for dereliction of duty.

11. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones in the campus.

12. The Principal or the management of the college may frame and issue from time to time disciplinary rules of a permanent or temporary character regulating the conduct of the college that seem necessary to maintain the credibility and reputation of the college.

13. The College authorities reserve the right to dismiss any student who does not confirm to the rules and regulations laid down by the college. 


1. 5 marks per paper in every semester are being allotted for regular attendance to the classes.

2. Attendance is being taken at the beginning of every class hour.

3  . Attendance is compulsory on the reopening day, closing day , seminar days, department programs, and industrial visit.  Attendance is also compulsory for all the special activities of the college. 

4. The student who wishes to avail leave for one day has to get permission from the Class Counselor by a written letter, for two days from the HOD and for more days, from the Principal. The students who are absent due to illness should also produce the medical certificate.

5. The student can obtain monthly attendance status from the Class Counselor. .

6. Names of the students who have shortage of attendance will be displayed on the notice board at the end of every semester. 


1. Every student is permitted into the college campus, class and examination hall only with the College ID Card.

2. Loss of College ID Card must be intimated immediately to the office and obtain a duplicate ID Card by paying the fine of Rs. 100/


The student shall report to the office whenever he / she change his/her residence.


The faculties are not permitted to take tuitions outside the college without the permission of the Principal. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against those who violate this rule.


Parents are welcome to come and discuss about progress and problems of their children with the teaching staff of the college and the Principal with prior appointment. They are requested to co-operate with the college authorities to enforce regularity, punctuality, discipline and academic excellence in the interest of the students. They are also expected to attend ‘Parents Meet’ without fail.


                               The LIBRARY is the heart of a learning center. Christ College Library has a good collection of books consisting of reference books, literary works (Tamil & English), encyclopedias, subject text books, periodicals, national & international journals, dailies and CDs / DVDs of digital books.

          Library maintains a BOOK BANK with a sizable number of text books for the use of economically disadvantaged students, who will be allowed to borrow two extra text books for the semester duration.

Library Working Hours : 08.30 a.m.-05.00p.m.

Books will be issued during : 08:30 a.m. -09:00 a.m.

                                                     12:00 noon -01:00p.m. &

                                                     03:00 p.m.-05:00p.m.

The following guidelines may be useful:

1. Students are encouraged to use the library extensively.

2. Each student is given a Library Card soon after the admission.

3. A student may borrow three books using the Library card for a period of two weeks and can extend for another week.

4. Loss of Library Card must be intimated immediately to the Librarian and obtain a duplicate Library Card by paying the fine of Rs. 100/

5. Borrowers failing to return books within the prescribed period shall pay a fine of Rs. 1/- per day per book.

6. Stealing books or tearing pages is a serious offence and will be seriously dealt with.

7. Strict silence should be maintained in the library.

8. Students are not allowed to bring any printed matter or files into the


9. Books must not be marked or damaged in any manner.

10. Students must examine each book before borrowing and immediately report any damage or missing/loose pages, if any. If they fail to do, so they will be held responsible for any damage detected after their use of the book.

11. Students shall replace or pay for the cost of any book lost by them. 12. Reference books and periodicals should be used in the library only.

13. Students must present their Identity Card before entering the library.

14. Students must immediately report the loss of Identity Card to the Office.